Derryvullen South and Garvary


The Revd William Jeffrey
The Very Revd Raymond Ferguson and The Revd Maureen Desborough are providing cover  




St Tighernach, Derryvullen South

St Tighernach, Derryvullen South

Holy Trinity, Garvary
Holy Trinity

Garvary Church Windows

Garvary Church Windows


Service Times

1st and 3rd Sun: Garvary at 10.30 and Derryvullen South at 12 noon
2nd and 4th Sun: Derryvullen South at 10.30 and Garvary at 12 noon

Where there is a 5th Sunday the following applies:
Jan - Jun: Garvary 10.30 and Derryvullen South 12 noon
July- Dec: Derryvullen South 10.30 and Garvary 12 noon

The 10.30am service is Morning Prayer, and the 12 noon service is Holy Communion. Being traditional congregations, we presently use Morning Prayer and Holy Communion One in the Book of Common Prayer but we plan, in time, to occasionally vary this with Morning Prayer and Holy Communion Two.

The Sunday Schools meet in the parish hall one hour before each service.

The Rector has two small publications which may be of interest to readers: "Recollections of Parish Life" (£5) written by parishioners from each of the two churches along with some background prepared by the rector. Secondly, "Derryvullen 150 years on" (£2) which comprises the order of service for the 150th anniversary, some history and some valuable and interesting photographs. The Rector has also written a short history of the "Origin of the Office of Reader".

The Rector has a keen interest in books, particularly, but not exclusively, theological works. Having grown up not far from C S Lewis' home in East Belfast, he has a special interest in his writings of which he has a small collection. The Rector's wife, Mrs Valerie Stewart, began her working career in the old Belfast Diocesan Office in May Street. She then became secretary to the deputy state pathologist. She was personal secretary to Bishop Arthur Butler and Bishop William McCappin, both of Connor diocese. She has been diocesan secretary and diocesan president of the Mothers' Union in Clogher, one of the all Ireland vice- presidents and is now Mothers' Union Indoor Members Contact - Ireland. Canon and Mrs Stewart have one daughter, Andrea, aged 22 years who is presently completing her Masters in European Film Studies at Edinburgh University, having previously graduated from Queens University Belfast in English and Film Studies.