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Welcome to Clogher Diocesan website. We hope you enjoy browsing the information regarding the diocese, its parishes and people.

Clogher Diocese:

  • one of twelve dioceses in the Church of Ireland
  • a diocese in the Anglican Province of Armagh
  • part of the worldwide Anglican Communion (Episcopal)
  • part of the Church of Ireland which is a member of the Porvoo Communion
  • stretches geographically from south-east County Donegal to north-west County Louth encompassing parts of counties Fermanagh, Monaghan, Tyrone and Leitrim
  • includes the county towns of Monaghan and Enniskillen
  • crosses the jurisdictional boundary between the Republic of Ireland (EU) and Northern Ireland (UK)

Some statistics for Clogher Diocese:

  • Church of Ireland population of 15,063
  • 20 Rectors
  • 1 Diocesan Curate
  • 2 Ordained Local Ministers (Deacons)
  • 1 Church Army Evangelist
  • 3 Non-Stipendiary Ministers
  • 14 Retired Clergy resident in the diocese
  • 10 Diocesan Pastoral Assistants
  • 14 Diocesan Readers
  • 5 Emeritus Readers
  • 37 Parish Readers
  • 1 Diocesan Youth Officer
  • 6 Rural Deaneries
  • 32 Parochial Groups
  • 75 Parishes
  • 67 Select Vestries
  • 73 Church Buildings


The foundation of the Diocese of Clogher is attributed to St Macartan, strong-man and companion of St Patrick.