Keep yourself safe from scams


The Church of Ireland is backing the Scamwise NI campaign, through the Church Leaders Group, to keep people safe from scams. In any year, most of us will be targeted with an attempt to scam us out of money but if you can spot a scam, you can stop it too.

Check out advice, including from An Garda Síochána, at this link which seeks to help parishes to equip parishioners and their family, friends and neighbours so that they can prevent scams and seek assistance if they become a victim of a scam.

A new video from the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland, highlights 15 common examples of scams during the pandemic which are operating on both sides of the border.

The four main Churches and the Irish Council of Churches are supporting Scamwise NI through the Church Leaders Group.

For more information about scams in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, click on the following links;

Scamwise NI Facebook

Garda Facebook

To watch the video from the Consumer Council on scams, click on the following link;