Archbishop of Dublin congratulates Archbishop of Armagh on his translation


Archbishop Michael Jackson.

The Archbishop of Dublin, the Most Revd Michael Jackson, has welcomed Archbishop John McDowell to the historic role of Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland.

“I offer Archbishop McDowell the prayerful support of members of the Church of Ireland in the hope that the Church will grow and flourish in his time. He brings many diverse gifts to this office. He has in the past been President of the Irish Council of Churches and has represented the Church of Ireland on the Irish Inter Church Meeting. In recent years, there has been a warm friendship between the Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic Archbishops of Armagh and we all look forward to the continuation of that relationship.

“I recognise that the new Archbishop takes up his role in the time of coronavirus, a time of great strain and sadness for everyone across Ireland and around the world. The months ahead will be challenging for the Church of Ireland as its clergy and people work to find new ways of remaining connected as church communities. While there is much grief at this time for families and friends who have lost loved ones and for church members who feel marooned by the loss of the rhythm of parish life, there is also significant Christian compassion being shown.

'I have every confidence that people throughout the Church of Ireland will work with the Archbishop of Armagh as we seek to offer support to our own people and to wider society in these difficult times for Ireland North and South.”