Bishop of Clogher's statement on explosion at the Al Ahli Anglican Episcopal Hospital in Gaza


Right Revd Dr Ian Ellis writes;

Members of the Diocese will remember the link Clogher Diocese had with the Al Ahli Hospital during the episcopacy of Bishop Michael Jackson (now Archbishop of Dublin). In 2009/10 the diocese responded to an appeal from the Archbishop of Jerusalem for help and support for the hospital as it dealt with demands upon it due to the conflict at that time.

In addition, several Diocesan Pilgrimages to the Holy Land brought a large group of parishioners from the diocese to experience being in the land of our Lord’s birth and ministry. They gained an insight into the complexities of the political situation in that land and the lived suffering and danger experienced by both the people of Israel and Palestine.

Many of us in Clogher Diocese can therefore identify with the suffering and death of those caught up in this explosion at the Al Ahli Hospital, and in the wider region. We assure Archbishop of Jerusalem, Most Revd Hosam Naoum, of the thoughts and prayers of the clergy and people of Clogher diocese and for all people in the land of the Holy One at this most terrifying time.

We share the statement issued today by Archbishop Jackson who retains close contact with the hospital and join our prayers with others from the wider Church of Ireland and the Anglican Communion.

Statement from the Archbishop of Dublin on Bombing of al Ahli Hospital, Gaza;

“Pray for peace and that the dignity and life of every single person in the Land of the Holy One be respected.” Archbishop Michael Jackson released the following statement yesterday evening: I am sorry to bring you distressing news tonight (Tuesday October 17 2023) that al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City has been bombed with devastating consequences.

As many will know, al Ahli is run by our friends in the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem. According to news reports hundreds of people have been killed in this attack.

Earlier today we heard from a clerical colleague in Jerusalem that up to 5,000 people had sought refuge in the grounds of al Ahli as they believed it to be a safe place and the hospital still had a supply of water and electricity from a generator. However, he understood that these people had left following a rocket attack on Saturday.

The hospital is located in the evacuation zone in northern Gaza but staff have not evacuated as there are patients in the hospital who could not be evacuated. We heard that both staff and patients were terrified.

Our friends in the Diocese of Jerusalem have asked for our prayers and our voices at this time. I urge you now to pray for all the people of Gaza and of Israel. We pray for peace and that the human dignity and life of every single person in the Land of the Holy One be respected.

I also urge all people who have a voice in the political arena to raise it now on behalf of all who are living in terror, grief, trauma and facing death.'