Diocese hosts series of talks to highlight social issues in society


The Clogher Diocesan Board of Social Theology In Action in partnership with CARE are hosting a number of talks on the cost of living crisis, abortion in Northern Ireland and gambling addiction on Thursday, 19 October 2023 in the Cathedral Hall, Enniskillen.

Each session will last for approximately one hour and there will be opportunities for questions or one to one discussions.

Cost of Living Crisis
The first talk will be on 'Cost of Living Crisis Helping families who are struggling' beginning at 11.30am. In this presentation, speakers will explore what the cost-of-living crisis has meant for people, as well as providing practical advice and signposting for those who may be struggling. The target audience includes adults, young adults, teenagers, parents, grandparents, pastoral teams, youth leaders, clergy and anyone else who is interested.

The second talk at 3pm is 'Abortion and Northern Ireland; The Story so far.' In this presentation, organisers will unpack the history of Northern Ireland’s abortion journey and highlight what the current legislation means. Speakers will examine the impact of this law for Christians in Northern Ireland and explore what the church can do. CARE’s ongoing work in the area will be highlighted. The target audience is adults and young adults, pastoral teams, youth leaders and clergy. (This talk is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18).

Gambling addiction
The third talk of the day starting at 7.30pm will be 'Tackling Northern Ireland’s gambling addiction' at 7.30pm.
In this presentation, speakers will examine some of the reasons why people gamble and the subsequent issues that come from those, as well as highlighting the work of CARE in this area. They will also explore current debates around gambling legislation and look at what Christians and the church can do to help those who are finding themselves trapped in a cycle of gambling. The target audience is adults, young adults, teenagers, anyone who is struggling with gambling addiction, pastoral teams, youth leaders and clergy.