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Celebrating the ‘Feast of Life’

St. Patrick Castle Archdale

As one of a number of quiet services at Castle Archdale Parish Church, celebrating the ‘Feast of Life’ with Candlemas Bells (snowdrops) and pancakes will be the theme for a special service of comfort and hope on Sunday 5th February 2012 at 7.00pm. Through days of exhausting schedules, multiple responsibilities and important decisions, some people are looking for a place of quiet and rest; a setting for worship that will refill and revitalise. We may find such spiritual refreshment in worship which is quiet, still, reflective and meditative. Contemplative worship is an opportunity to be quiet and still in the midst of busyness, seeking to find our spiritual centre. It is a setting in which we quiet ourselves in order to open our souls to listen for the heart of God. We wait for God in the silence. It is a part of a rhythm of moving to prayer and communion with God before going out to engage the world in meaningful ministry. Contemplative worship is also one of the many ways that we can seek and find healing rest in the Lord as we look to Him for strength and guidance.